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Check out the placard! February 3, 2006

Posted by kingfelix in Politics.

Muslims asserting their religious right to limit everyone's freedom of expression

I am totally against military action in Iraq. As a believer in worker’s rights, I see war as primarily the way in which the bosses pit the workers against one another for their own selfish ends. Besides revolutionary struggles for independence or to repel an invasion, I see few historical situations where the average citizen has much to gain from taking up arms (and even after a revolution, within a few generations the same people are back in control). The situation in Iraq is one such scenario, and I therefore accept the right of Iraqis to resist an occupying power, just as, although I am a UK citizen, I accepted the validity of the IRA’s political cause (as did/do many Americans, I might note).

If George Bush had not initiated military action against Iraq, no US soldiers would have died. This fact is sometimes lost… (more…)